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Javier Barón
Flamenco dancer and choreographer

Javier Barón was born in Alcalá de Guadaíra. And he has always proclaimed it. He has taken the name of his town all around the world, always in good time. He is one of the most important flamenco dancers at the present flamenco panorama and brings at his back a long and successful career.

In 1980 he was awarded the RTVE (Spanish Public TV channel) Prize Gente Joven and in 1988 he is graduated and doctored when he conquers at Seville's Biennial Exhibition of Flamenco the Giraldillo del Baile reward. After this achievement he reinforces himself as first figure of the contemporary flamenco dance. In 1996 he conducts the first Creative Workshop at the CAD (Andalusian Dance Centre). The following year he forms the dance company of his name and shows for the first time El Pájaro Negro (The Black Bird) at the Central Theatre of Seville. Since then, his creative capacity has kept on blooming, giving shape to several splendid stagings that have made him achieve resounding successes that have gone beyond our country's boundaries.

All his proposals mean a worthy version of the renewed classic style, a true anthology of his peculiar way of dancing and understanding dance, always with a balanced elegance, masculine and natural, of exquisite finesse and deep beauty.

In February 2007 he opened at the XI Jerez Festival Meridiana work, another fine-tune in his successful artistic career that has been ratified, once more, with the obtaining of the Giraldillo to Mastery, a prestigious reward that was given to him during the last edition of the Seville's Biennial Exhibition of Flamenco.

He has been awarded recently the Dance National Prize 2008.

Javier Barón
What makes you love Alcalá?

The spectacular view from the Castle and all its surroundings, like the Sanctuary of Nuestra Sra. Del Águila (Our Lady of the Eagle), Saint Patroness of Alcalá.

Which is the place you always take your friends and acquaintances to when you show Alcalá to them?

Oromana Pine Forest, the Dragon Bridge and Alcalá's Castle.

Tell us something Alcalá has and you have not found in any other place in the world.

The early morning (madrugá) of the Good Friday when you go towards El Calvario, following Our Father Jesus Nazarene's image. That is something you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

Which one is the spot of the town you always go back to?

I always like to take a walk among the Oromana pines, along the Guadaíra's bank and going by The Mill.

Take us for a walk through Alcalá; tell us a route so we know it.

We can start at the place where I was born, the Toreros (Bullfighters) neighbourhood. We´ll make a stop at the Centro Park. Immediately afterwards we will walk towards El Barrero to get into Mairena Street. From there, we will head for La Plazuela and then continue towards La Mina Street, to end up into El Duque Square.

In which square shall we sit down to talk for a while when we are half-way?

El Duque.

What do you invite us to in order to recover our strength after the walk?

In the Bar Baltanás we can have a toast with pringá and a cup of coffee; some cakes in San Joaquín café & confectionery or La Centenaria. Maybe we could also go to Pinichi (today Mario) Restaurant or to Bernardo's.

What is the most curious or the nicest thing you have ever heard about your town?

When the bakers went out to Seville with the donkeys and the baskets full of bread on the train.

What does being from Alcalá (alcalareño) mean, does it mark the character?

A lot of art.

When you rise at the height of the Castle, What is the place he likes to more look to him to?

Towards the River Bridge, El Duque Square, El Calvario and Santiago (St. James') Church.

Tell us a secret about your town.

The three Marías went up to Alcalá's Castle to dress of mourning black the soleá...

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