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There are many things to see in Alcalá, so the visit can get as longer as you want. But there are things that cannot be left without a visit. And more than a visit, more than a look, they deserve trying to know them, penetrating in them; because there is a set of privileged spots where the soul of this old town is concentrated. They constitute a repertoire of elements you will take away with you in your memory and the fact that they make up an exquisite selection of the best of Alcalá.

Fortified Enclosure. Medieval Castle
Like all the old towns, Alcalá has accumulated history since its soil was occupied for the first time by prehistoric men that stepped on El Gandul.
The Mills. Oromana's Natural Park.
Due to the importance of its baker industry the town was known as Alcalá de los Panaderos (Alcalá of the Bakers). The preserved mills date back from the Islamic and Late Middle Ages Periods.
Dragon Bridge. The Guardian of the Castle.
It is one of the most important engineering works of Andalusia and the first figurative bridge of Europe. The bridge represents the image of a dragon like the guardian of the fortress placed right behind. The figure has been coated with mosaic of glazed tile.
Marchenilla Castle
It was built in two constructive phases; the image that reaches present time has Renaissance design. It has a chapel dedicated to San Isidro Labrador (St. Isidore the Labourer), dominated by a valuable painting of The Virgin of Guadalupe.
Gandul's Chalcolithic Burials
The most populated human settlement of the present-day surroundings of Alcalá. We have been left one of the most important archaeological sites of Western Europe, with remains of villages and burials from the Chalcolithic period to the Roman time.
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Watching, looking at in Alcalá is filling the retina with photos. Your eyes will take snapshots at every step. Access to our picture gallery.

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