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In love with Alcalá


José Manuel Fernández Portillo
"Alcalareño", Banderillero

José Manuel Fernández Portillo is proud to wear around all Spanish bullrings the name of his homeland and to appear on the like "Alcalareño". His pride has a double reason, as it is the name also used by his father before, also a banderillero. He is at present one of the main references in the world of the bullring men and accumulates prizes and rewards from the bullfighting world.

He belongs to El Cid's cuadrilla and before that he has been subalterno of matadores like Curro Romero or Emilio Muñoz. He is a serious bullfighter, has great qualities and he is able to accomplish all kind of banderillas techniques or suertes brilliantly. He is appreciated inside and outside Alcalá. At his homeland he has been appointed "Alcalareño Distinguido" (Distinguished Alcalá citizen) in 2006 and also he has played King Balthazar in the Epiphany Parade.

José Manuel Fernández Portillo
What makes you love Alcalá?

How fast it is evolving to be a good town.

Which is the place you always take your friends and acquaintances to when you show Alcalá to them?

The park, our Oromana Hotel, El Águila, San Roque, etc...

Tell us something Alcalá has and you have not found in any other place in the world.

The albero-sand.

Which one is the spot of the town you always go back to?

To the pine forest.

Take us for a walk through Alcalá; tell us a route so we know it.

I would leave the car at the Hotel Oromana. Then I'd visit San Roque, go down through the old Bridge and then up to El Águila; from there I would go down to Santiago.

In which square shall we sit down to talk for a while when we are half-way?

El Duque.

What do you invite us to in order to recover our strength after the walk?

Tocino de cielo (a dessert made with egg yolk and sugar) or a little Alcalá flat cake from La Centenaria.

What is the most curious or the nicest thing you have ever heard about your town?

That we supplied bread to many villages around because our bread is the best.

What does being from Alcalá (alcalareño) mean, does it mark the character?

[It means to be] A grateful person for having been born in a town with so many nice customs and where so many important people have been born in.

Once you go up the Castle, which is the place you like best to look at?

Santiago tower.

Tell us a secret about your town.

Bread was distributed from angarillas (a kind of sacks or bags) carried by mules in the capital city.

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