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Ramón Vázquez García
Soccer player

Ramón Vázquez is one of the most brilliant soccer players from Alcalá. His sports career places him in the national elite. He played for his beloved club, Sevilla FC, where his enormous charisma made hem so dear by the team supporters and fans. He has also been senior and su-21 player of the Spanish national team, becoming champions in this category in the European Cup '86.

Nowadays, he keeps on linked to soccer. He is a part of Sevilla FC technical staff and runs a soccer school, where hundreds of boys play, to whom Ramón teaches not only the ball's secrets, but also the keys to become good people.

Ramón Vázquez García
What makes you love Alcalá?

Oromana Park.

Which is the place you always take your friends and acquaintances to when you show Alcalá to them?

Oromana Park and the Castle.

Tell us something Alcalá has and you have not found in any other place in the world.

The Guadaíra's mills and the surroundings of the Oromana Park.

Which one is the spot of the town you always go back to?

San Roque's hermitage.

Take us for a walk through Alcalá; tell us a route so we know it.

La Plazuela - La Mina Street - El Duque Square - Bridge - San Roque - Oromana Hotel - Oromana Park.

In which square shall we sit down to talk for a while when we are half-way?

At La Plazuela or in El Duque Square.

What do you invite us to in order to recover our strength after the walk?

To have a cup of coffee and a bizcotela (a kind of cake/pastry) in San Joaquín.

What is the most curious or the nicest thing you have ever heard about your town?

When I hear somebody speaking well about its people.

What does being from Alcalá (alcalareño) mean, does it mark the character?

Something you take with proudly always.

Once you go up the Castle, which is the place you like best to look at?

St. Roque's Hermitage.

Tell us a secret about your town.

Few people know Alcalá's history, especially its subsoil's and subterranean springs.

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