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You can do outdoor sports, using the network of rural roads that go by at the river surroundings or at San Juan open air pavilion. But you also can use any one of many sports facilities spread around the urban area.

Several pavilions and specific facilities for the sports practice like the Los Alcores indoors swimming-pool or the tracks of the San Francisco de Paula Sports Complex. Together with them, there are several first level gyms able to take care of any sportsperson's specific needs.

In the course of the year you will also be able to participate or admire elite as well as national dimension sports activities, from soccer, basketball or athletics up to modalities like billiards or archery.

Regarding the sports activities, Alcalá de Guadaíra has a great variety of sports facilities:

C/ José Ortega y Gasset, s/n
Tfno: 954100965
Junto al Recinto Ferial
Tfno: 955680658
Avda. Tren de los Panaderos, 13
Tfno: 955622293
Fax: 955622294
Avda. Santa Lucía, s/n
Tfno: 955698762
Fax: 955698762
Email: cdalcala@cdalcala.com
Web: www.cdalcala.com
C/ Reyes Católicos, s/n

Barriada Pablo VI (junto a supermercado Mercadona)
Tfno: 955614884
C/ José Ortega y Gasset, s/n
Tfno: 955620500 / 955620424

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