Turismo de Alcalá de Guadaíra

The mills

Molinos ating back from the Moorish and Late Middle Ages

Due to the relevance of Alcalá's baking industry, the town was known as "Alcalá of the Bakers".

San Juan Mill
Its name comes from its former ownership by the Order of St. John, whose encomienda was placed in Tocina during the Late Middle Ages.
Benarosa Mill
It is one of the very few ones that keep its name of Andalusí origin (Banu Arusa); this, together with documentary references allows us to establish its origin before Castilian Conquest of the 13th century.
Algarrobo Mill
It was set up in connection to a great squared tower crowned with a battlemented terrace roof. In its front parte, there is a porch, a room used like loading and downloading area of grain and flour.
La Tapada Mill
It is a two-bucket mill, fed during its former working period by the water coming from the Fountain "del Piojo", not very far away at the surroundings of the road to Utrera.
Aceña Mill
Middle Ages documents tell us that "aceña" was the generic word to refer to the mills, so almost all the references to the Guadaíra mills make reference to "aceñas" or water mills.
Las Eras or San Francisco Mill
Las Eras Mill is placed in the present-day San Francisco Park, at the right bank of the River Guadaíra, almost opposite to La Tapada Mill.
Arrabal Mill
Its remains are located at the southwest slope of the Castle Hill, in the rest of the outer wall of the San Miguel poor quarter.
Realaje Mill
It is one of the most monumental Mill buildings, due to its great central tower of medieval origin.
Mills from around the town
The most populated human settlement of the present-day surroundings of Alcalá. We have been left one of the most important archaeological sites of Western Europe, with remains of villages and burials from the Chalcolithic period to the Roman time.
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Pictures Gallery - The River

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Marchenilla Route

Take a walk in a natural space of insuperable beauty as it is the Guadaíra's bank. This journey goes along the river and its mills.
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