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Inside the general climate of Guadalquivir Valley, Alcalá has climatological peculiarities of its own, given its position at the basin of the River Guadaíra.

Alcalá has a warm weather, with hot summers and almost without rainfall and with mild and relatively humid winters. The weather is uniform in the whole municipal district. The yearly average temperature can be estimated in 17.7 centigrades with maximum values that can reach 42 centigrades and minimum temperatures of -2 centigrades. Average maximum temperature is 36 centigrades and minimum, 4 centigrades.

Mild temeperatures in winter and warm ones in summer

August is the warmest month and January, the coldest. Timely distribution of pluviometry is very irregular. Approximately 80 percent of rainfall is registered between October and March. On the other hand, there is a dry period of four or five months during the summer. The average yearly rainfall is 543 litres per square metre. The potential evaporation, conditioned for the high summer temperatures, it results in a negative balance.

Alcalá's weather has been historically very prized at the surroundings and qualified as very healthy and beneficial for health. This motivated its being chosen as the place to spend the summer by many Sevillian families since the last century. This point is based on History, as during the previous centuries, Alcalá escaped most of the epidemics that devastated Seville and caused so many deaths.

What is the weather like?

Before coming to Alcalá you can have a look at the weather forecast, it will help you to program your visit according it.
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