Turismo de Alcalá de Guadaíra

The Broom Route


The route will start at the [King] Carlos III Bridge and it will follow on mostly by the river Guadaíra bank.

From the bridge and through the river left bank we will head toward the Retama (Broom) Park.

If we keep on walking we will reach the Dragon Bridge.

To head for our next stop we will follow the indications towards El Torrondo farm and the Realaje Mill, which we will see at the right bank of the river.

Once we passed this mill we will meet, also at the same bank, the Pelay Correa Mill.

After this stop we will get away from the river bank and will get to the hacienda Los Ángeles that will be our last stop.

After admiring this former monastery we will follow the road that will take us again to the Dragon's Bridge where our route will end.

What do I need to know?
Parking Parking of the Rotonda del Pan, San Francisco Street
Bus Stop Line B urban buses. Duquesa de Talavera Street
Nearest Café La Centenaria: C/ Ntra. Sra. del Águila (C/La Mina)
Description of the route on foot Carlos III Bridge, on the Retama Road

Point N 1: King Carlos III Bridge

King Carlos III Bridge is a Roman bridge of stone that has undergone several transformations throughout History. It is in the urban area of Alcalá where Dos Hermanas and Utrera's roads converge.

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Point N 2: The Retama (Broom) Park

The Retama Park is in the left bank of the river Guadaíra and it spreads out towards the Dragon Bridge. It has an extensive wood of eucalyptuses, olive groves and orchards. It has been recently restored and has become a leisure place where you can spend the day or take a walk admiring the river surroundings. At the park there are typical Mediterranean species as well as other ones like the eucalyptuses, which have been recently introduction. It is definitively a place you cannot leave unvisited at this route; also, from it you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Castle of Alcalá.

Point N 3: The Dragon Bridge

The Dragon Bridge, as it is popularly known, has a design inspired in the work of Barcelona's architect Antonio Gaudi. The bridge design was chosen by popular voting of Alcalá's people becoming this way the first figurative bridge of Europe.

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Point N 4: Realaje Mill

The Realaje Mill is in the right bank of the river Guadaíra. There are historic references of its existence already in the 15th century although it is older. Its name comes from its former denomination in Arab "river Alhaje" or "Royal Alhaje" that comes from "rehat" or "rahâ", which means mill.

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Point N 5: Pelay Correa Mill

This mill is on the right bank of the river Guadaíra being probably the oldest one preserved. It is, like the Realaje's, from Moorish origin, although its name does not come from the Arabic.

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Point N 6: Hacienda Los Ángeles

The Hacienda has a rural typical architecture of the zone and includes characteristic elements of the Urban Baroque style. It is surrounded by an extensive olive grove.

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  • Zone: Urban
  • Type: Green
  • Length: 2Km
  • Difficulty: Medium-Low
  • It can be made: On Foot or Bike
  • Lasting: 2:30 hours on foot

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