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The Guadaíra river passes through the urban area of AlcaláThe riverbank parks along the banks of the river have a total of 120 hectares of green areas. Natural Monument by the Governing Council of the Junta de Andalucía on December 30, 2011, in recognition of its natural and ecocultural values.

The Ribera del Guadaíra is a Natural Monument of mixed and ecocultural character that occupies a section of the Guadaíra River about 10 km long. Along this route there are twelve water mills or flour mills of Arab origin, some of which have been declared Sites of Cultural Interest.

One of the singularities of the Guadaíra Riverbanks Natural Monument is the combination of natural spaces with picturesque heritage resources, among which we highlight the flour mills that line the river, and the imposing fortified enclosure, located vigilantly at the top of the hill, from where the capital can be seen.

Sustainable tourism

The Sustainable Tourism Education Center offers leisure, sports and active tourism activities in the natural environment of the Guadaíra River.

Taking a Walk

A recovered natural environment, with lush vegetation and animals that will surprise you.

At your own pace, no rush….

The mills

Walking through the Natural Monument and discovering them, following the sound of the water, is an experience worth living.

Suitable for sportsmen, families, curious people, nature, culture and history lovers.

What are you waiting for?

Natural and Landscape

Natural areas and trails

Along the banks of the river, we find a great variety of species and plants, which give rise to natural spaces of great beauty. We highlight some of them: Oromana Park and pine forest, San Juan Park, Retama Park, ‘El Bosque’ riverside forest, San Francisco Park, Antiguo Vivero and Puente del Dragón Park.

The Guadaíra riverbank is crossed by numerous paths and trails, which make the Natural Monument a wide range of possibilities for enjoyment, where each of these trails allows you to discover a different side of the riverbank. We can highlight the following:

  • Camino del Calvario, between the Hotel Oromana and the San Roque hermitage.
  • Camino del Bosque, which runs from La Tapada mill to El Algarrobo mill.
  • Camino del Algarrobo, between the San Juan footbridge and the El Algarrobo mill.
  • Camino de los Pintores, between the Hotel Oromana and the San Juan mill.
  • Camino de San Juan, between the sports center and the San Juan mill.


Flora and Fauna

Along the route through the Ribera we can find a great variety of botanical species, among them we highlight 8 singular trees, which stand out for their size, indicating the places where they are more abundant:

  • London planetree, near the La Tapada mill.
  • Loquat tree, in the orchard near the Algarrobo mill.
  • Laurel, in the Huerta del Algarrobo.
  • Jujube, in the Huerta del Algarrobo.
  • Swamp Cypress , near the Polideportivo of San Juan
  • Eucalyptus, throughout the Oromana Park.
  • Cornicabra olive tree, in Oromana Park.
  • Aleppo pine, throughout the Oromana Park.

As well as the variety of plant species, the Guadaíra riverbank serves as home and refuge to a multitude of animal species. Among the river animals it is easy to see carps, barbels, turtles, water snakes, or frogs. Terrestrials are more elusive, but you may still encounter a rabbit, a hare or a field mouse.

But undoubtedly, the most striking and frequent are the birds. As soon as you look at the sky, the water or the trees you will see storks, grey herons, egrets , ducks, robins, greenfinches, hawks, kestrels… and at nightfall, bats appear in the skies above the Guadaíra riverbank.

La casa del Guarda

La Casa del Guarda is located in the heart of the Ribera del Guadaíra Natural Monument.

This kiosk-bar located next to the Oromana Mill offers restaurant service in a privileged environment. It also has sun loungers, umbrellas and umbrellas in an idyllic place for recreation, leisure or rest surrounded by a spectacular biodiversity.



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