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Landscape time

Guided tour and educational workshop

In this visit-workshop we will move through a selection of works from the exhibition Time of Landscapes that will allow us to unveil the historical facts and the protagonists that made it possible for our city to develop a special taste for painting from life.

We will approach the most relevant artists of the collection, such as Manuel Barrón, Emlio Sánchez Perrier, Manuel García Rodríguez, José Arpa or Javier de Winthuysen, enjoying the views they offer us.

We will reflect on how the landscape has changed and the importance of caring for the environment.

We will finish with a painting and artistic creation workshop to take home a souvenir.

Important data

  • Aimed at: Primary school students.
  • Date: 2023/2024 academic year
  • Hours: M to F, 10-14h
  • Duration: 90 minutes


Romantic travelers

2nd station

Outdoor Painting

3rd station

Towards the Vanguards

1st Station

romantic travelers

Room I of the exhibition Time of Landscapes is dedicated to romanticism, when the aesthetic foundations of the Alcalá’s landscape school were laid. Our town became a magnet for these travelers and artists, who were looking for picturesque corners and exotic images.

Through the works of John F. Lewis, Genaro Pérez Villamil, Manuel Barrón and Maria Teresa Nostench de los Ríos, we will see the motivations that led these“curious impertinents” to repeatedly capture the landscapes of Alcalá in their canvases, all following the same recipe.

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2nd Station


In this activity we will take as a working basis the rooms II and III, dedicated to naturalism, which arrived in our city by the hand of Emilio Sánchez Perrier and the artists who followed him, such as Manuel García Rodríguez. Both claimed a return to nature, using art as a tool to raise awareness: to flee from romantic clichés, to dignify the work of the countryside, or to educate in the care of the environment.

The works that we will visit are a real delight for the senses, windows in time that will allow us to see what our environment was like a hundred years ago.

3rd Station

the avant-garde

This season will take us to learn how the artistic avant-gardes that began to spread throughout Europe in the early twentieth century influenced the artists who cultivated the landscape. Painters such as José Arpa from Carmona moved between tradition and the new aesthetic languages coming from Paris.

This activity will bring us closer to artists such as Javier de Winthuysen, Juan Miguel Sánchez or the Salvadoran Pedro de Matheu. His works will give us the opportunity to enjoy the landscapes of Alcalá, rediscovering them through the eyes of those who admired them, always finding an excuse to return and return.

Extra Extra! Tailor-made activity

Artist guest

Are you working on a plastic theme at school? Getting to know the great painters? Tell us about it and we will create an activity at the museum to complement or expand the agenda of our facilities.

For this activity we will have the collaboration of Javier Pérez Begines, Bachelor of Fine Arts and professor of painting at the Universidad Popular.

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