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The Museum of Alcalá de Guadaíra treasures different artistic collections, coming from donations. Although they are not on public display, this virtual space allows visitors to learn about their existence and the possibility of consulting them.

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Painting Collection

Engraving Collection

Festivities Posters

Colombí Collection

Archaeology Collection

Painting Collection

The protagonism of the landscape in Alcalá de Guadaíra in the plastic arts goes way back in time. The town, which has always stood out as a picturesque landscape, has been an important focus of attraction for local, national and foreign authors from the beginning of the 18th century to the present day.

Works by French and English romantic travelers made the natural environment of Alcalá famous even beyond our borders. Leading national authors at the time such as Fortuny, Zuloaga, Madrazo or Rico also spent seasons in this town, being them who awakened the interest of Sevillian artists who starred in a whole period with their “way of seeing” the landscapes of this town; this is the case of Sánchez Perrier, Jiménez Aranda, Pinelo or Alpériz, and later José Arpa, Labrador or Hohenleiter.

In the 70’s, the winning works of the landscape painting contest that he had been doing for years, become part of the municipal collection of painting being this the beginning of it.

Since the opening of the Museum in November 2005, the collection has grown exponentially thanks to the acquisitions that have been made each year, the donations of artists who have collaborated with the Museum and the awards of the competitions held since its opening until today, reaching about 500 works.

Engraving Collection

This collection began with the incorporation of this category to the already existing painting contest in 1998, being from the beginning an open theme, and not only landscape.

As with painting, the engraving collection has expanded considerably with the opening of the Museum, with more than a hundred works from the national engraving competition that was held until 2012, and in recent years thanks to the acquisitions made by the Museum, and generous donations from artists like Paco Cuadrado, Sánchez Baíllo or Enrique Ramos.

Among the most outstanding acquisitions are the works of Paco Cortijo, Rolando Campos, Félix de Cárdenas and those of the Alcalá painter and engraver Guillermo Bermudo.

Festivities Posters

The City Council published posters announcing the floral games and the city’s fairs and festivals. With the opening of the Museum begins the task of collecting and cataloging the posters kept by the Delegation of Major Festivities. Posters were also made to announce other events in the city such as the Carnival or the Saetas Contest.

The oldest poster preserved in this collection dates from 1936 and advertised a fair that was never held due to the outbreak of the Civil War. It is a poster signed by J. Oliver acquired by the Museum in 2000.

In this collection we have relevant names in Sevillian painting, such as Máximo Moreno, Antonino Parrilla or Luis Manuel Fernández and alcalareños as Recacha, Pepe Corzo, Manuel Domínguez Guerra or Javier Hermida. The collection has a total of 55 posters.

Colombí Collection

Donation of D. José Mª. Gutiérrez BallesterosCount of Colombí.

Born in our city in March 1893. His professional activity as a lawyer was linked throughout his life with multiple artistic interests. Great passionate and knowledgeable about bullfighting, bibliophile, writer and poet, great lecturer, journalist and researcher. His collecting and his passion for art, literature and the world of bullfighting led him to become a member of the Real Academia Sevillana de Buenas Letras. He was also president and founder of the association of Iberian Exlibristas and president of the Unión de Bibliófilos taurinos (Union of Bullfighting Bibliophiles).

Named favorite son of Alcalá in 1954, the Count of Colombí donated a large part of his private collection to the town in 1972, consisting of paintings, furniture and ceramics with a bullfighting theme and a valuable collection of exlibris deposited in the Municipal Library.

Archaeology Collection

The Municipal Archaeological Collection of Alcalá de Guadaíra arose as a result of contributions from private individuals and chance finds throughout the second half of the 20th century. , being the main nucleus the contribution of the Association of Friends of Archaeology in the eighties, and of Lucurgentus in the first years of this century. The result is a heterogeneous collection, mostly made up of pieces from the municipality of Alcalá, but also with occasional representation from other areas and cultural contexts. This fund is currently being enriched thanks to citizen collaboration and agreements with other institutions and entities.

The Collection presents a broad chronological arc, from prehistory to the 19th century. However, some periods stand out for the particularity of the pieces represented. This is the case of statuary and ceramic materials from the Roman period, as well as pieces from the medieval and modern periods.

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