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Municipal Tourism Office

Avda. Tren de los Panaderos, s/n
Alcalá de Guadaíra 41500
Seville, Spain

T. (+34) 95 579 64 74
M. (+34) 646 305 570

What is the Harinera?

The Harinera del Guadaíra is an old flour factory, established in 1934, which at the time represented a great industrial revolution due to the novelty of the Austro-Hungarian milling system applied to the factory’s machinery.

Currently the building of the old flour factory is the museum space of the Interpretation Center of the Baking Industry that, through a circuit of machines and panels, explains how life was in Alcalá de Guadaíra around the milling and bread industry for centuries (from the twelfth century to the present).

Bread is the main sign of identity of Alcalá de Guadaíra, even modifying the nomenclature of the municipality of Alcalá to be universally known as “Alcalá de los Panaderos”, being the milling and the bread the fundamental axis of the traditional life of Alcalá de Guadaíra.

The Tourist Office of Alcalá de Guadaíra is located in the same building as the Harinera del Guadaíra.

Tourist services

The architectural complex of the flour mill has, in addition to the original factory building, other spaces complementary to the project, which offer the following tourist services.

Municipal Tourism Office

It is located in the reception area of the main building on the first floor. A modern and ample space that places us in our environment and offers us all the possibilities that the municipality has to offer.

It has different information directories, both technological and printed material.

Baking Industry Interpretation Center

Bread is seen as the main sign of identity, the raison d’être of the municipality’s character and the fundamental axis of Alcalá’s traditional life.

The interpretation center occupies the original three-story factory that made up the old flour mill.

This space has been refurbished preserving the original structure and machinery, but adapting it to accessibility standards; it consists of a first floor, second floor and second floor.

In this building, through the interpretation of the machinery, we will learn about the elaboration process of its most precious basic ingredient: flour.

Spaces of the Flour Mill

Bread Classroom

Also on the first floor of the central building, in the reception area and next to the Municipal Tourist Office, there is a glassed-in room where the workshop classroom is located.

This space takes its inspiration from the numerous bakeries that we find in our town, incorporating furniture and machinery that allow us to live the experience of how to shape the bread of Alcalá, from the hands of bakers from Alcalá.

Multipurpose rooms

The Harinera building has two adjoining rooms of more than 200m2 each, which complete the architectural ensemble of the Harinera del Guadaíra.

Both spaces, totally diaphanous and versatile, and with direct access to the large garden area, are used to host presentations, events, conferences, catering areas, restaurants, product exhibitions, etc., which add great value and dynamism to the architectural ensemble of the flour mill.


The outdoor space occupies an area of approximately 2,800m2.

It is a landscaped courtyard where different types of events can be held: exhibitions, presentations, performances, music cycles or film recordings, among others.

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