Flour Mills
of the banks of the
Guadaíra river

As a consequence of the importance of the bakery industry in Alcalá, the city was known as“Alcalá de los Panaderos” (Alcalá of the Bakers).

The banks of the Guadaíra River were already populated in medieval times with mills that, thanks to the power of the water, transformed wheat into a superior quality flour.

Walking and discovering the windmills, following the sound of the water, is an experience worth living.

Aceña Mill

Together with the Algarrobo mill, La Aceña mill is possibly one of the mills that maintains the most elements under medieval times. Although its origin may date back to the Andalusí period, it seems unlikely that elements prior to the 14th-15th centuries remain, both because of the successive transformations of the building and the erosive action of the river, which has traditionally prevented the durability of the original buildings.

Molino del Algarrobo

Algarrobo Mill

The Algarrobo mill belongs to the group of “river mills”, within the urban bank of the Guadaíra river. Technologically, it is an impeller mill, in which the water dammed by means of a weir converges in the “cubos”, narrow passages inside which the rodeznos, hydraulic wheels that moved the stones in charge of grinding the grain, were located.

Benarosa Mill

The Benarosa mill belongs to the group of "river mills", within the urban bank of the Guadaíra river. Technologically, it is an impeller mill, in which the water dammed by means of a weir converges in the "cubos", narrow passages inside which the rodeznos, hydraulic...
Molino de la Tapada

La Tapada Mill

The Molino de la Tapada is one of the most unique examples of Alcalá’s mill architecture. This is an impeller mill, as most of the Guadaíra mills seem to have been, but in this case the movement of the impellers is made by the water coming from a spring tributary of the Guadaíra, channeled through an aqueduct and falling towards the buckets from a height that enhances the hydraulic force. It is therefore part of the “acequia” or “atarjea” (tajea) mills, such as the nearby Oromana mill or the Marchenilla mills.


Las Eras or San Francisco Mill

The Las Eras mill is located in the current San Francisco park, on the right bank of the Guadaíra River, practically opposite the Molino de la Tapada.
In the Eras mill, milling was done with water from the aquifer, channeled through the gallery of the “caños de Carmona”.

Montaje molino de la mina

Mine Mill

Built around the 14th or 15th century. It is a ‘bucket’ mill, in which the fall of water from an atarjea produces the force that moved its two stones. The building was in use until the beginning of the 20th century.

Later, the current Gutiérrez de Alba Theater was built over it.

Molinos de Oromana,de San Juan y Benarosa

Oromana Mill

It is a spring mill. There are no remains of the upper mill, and of the lower mill, the milling room and basement of the mill are buried with mud. The upper part of the mill is today a nice viewpoint.

Pelay Correa Mill

This mill is located on the right bank of the Guadaíra River and is probably the oldest mill still standing. It is, like Realaje, of Arabic origin, although its name does not come from Arabic.

Molino del Realaje

Realaje Mill

The Arabs called it Rial Haja, also known as the Merry Foot Mill. It preserves all the outbuildings, basement, milling room with three stones and warehouse in its upper part.

San Juan Mill

Its name comes from the fact that the mill was owned by the Order of San Juan.
The current building is the result of transformations of the original medieval mill between the 17th and 20th centuries.

Molino de Vadalejos

Vadalejos Mill

There were two of them, the Molinos de Vadalejos: one above and one below, near the Guadaíra river. Both had two bucket stops for grinding.

The two mills located on the left bank of the river, in front of the castle, were surrounded by the richest orchards of Alcalá. Nearby we glimpse the remains of the sewage pipes.

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