Vadalejos Mill

There were two of them, the Molinos de Vadalejos: one above, the “de arriba”, and the other, near the Guadaíra, the “de abajo”. Both had two bucket stops for grinding.

The two mills located on the left bank of the river, in front of the castle, were surrounded by the richest orchards of Alcalá. Nearby we glimpse the remains of the sewage pipes.

Spring mills of the Fuensanta and the Fuente de la Judía. Such a wealth of water suggests that, possibly, a Latin toponym vadum = ford (from where, to ford), gave rise to Vadalejos. It could also come from the basic Arabic “Wadi” from which the term Guadalejos (Wadi= Guad = river).

Its successive uses and renovations have caused its original architectural lines to disappear. Today, the mill hall and three adjoining rooms can be distinguished on the basis of a polygonal floor plan.