Tradition, beauty and uniqueness to announce the Feria de Alcalá

The poster by the artist Domínguez Guerra highlights the shades of the albero to make the Fair shine between the joy of the earth and the golds of the sky, the transition between day and night. The mayor highlights “a work of art that captures the essence of the uniqueness of Feria de Alcalá”, and has highlighted “the effort of all sectors involved, from the fairgrounds themselves to workers, security forces, rescue and the citizens themselves for the splendor and coexistence”.

A couple on horseback on the Real de San Juan, surrounded by pine forests and enveloped by the lights and the golden glow of the fair and the Alcalá’s “albero”. The City Council of Alcalá de Guadaíra has presented this Friday the poster of the Fair of Alcalá 2024, a painting by the famous local artist Manuel Domínguez Guerra, “a work of art that remains for local history and has perfectly captured the essence and uniqueness of this festival” to be held from May 30 to June 2.

This has been expressed by the Mayor, Ana Isabel Jimenez, who stressed that it is a privilege to have the brushes of this artist to announce the biggest local festival, an artist who accumulates a long career and is recognized as a key painter of recent decades in the national scene. Beyond the points in common with other festivals, such as awnings, lanterns or aesthetics, ours is not just another fair,” said Jimenez, “it is unique, and expresses feelings of belonging and pride: the albero is the host of their land and flamenco is origin, hospitality and eagerness of alcalareños and alcalareñas to look neat and beautiful to enjoy it is characteristic, and the framework that surrounds it, the Natural Monument, incomparable”.

For his part, the author explained that he wanted to capture the transition between day and night, those moments before the horse ride that give way to the fair at night. He has shown himself happy and excited, and has assured that he has poured all his artistic knowledge, especially of the last 25 years, for this work that unites the most traditional painting with digital possibilities. “Each project I think and love it, I do not like to paint for the sake of painting” – he acknowledged – and so he conveyed what he felt when creating this work with a poem that he read to those present.

The presentation, between joy and music by Sevillanas, has been developed in the Auditorium Riberas del Guadaíra and has had the Pregonero 2024, Alejandro Redondo Torres, along with the delegate of Major Festivals, Rocio Bastida, and a large representation not only of members of the Corporation, but especially of fairgrounds, caseteros, entities, associations and citizenship in general eager to enjoy this Fair that is approaching.

2024 Fair Poster
2024 Fair Poster

The mayor has taken the opportunity to thank “the efforts of all those sectors and people who work for months to make the fair look at its best, and especially point out the great responsibility and effort of the device coordinated from the City Council for assembly, organization, security, traffic, services, etc. work perfectly and enjoy the coexistence”.

Thus, she concluded by inviting citizens to enjoy the Proclamation of the Fair by the hand of Alejandro Redondo, who has transmitted confidence in his words “because he knows how to look at our traditions with affection, he is involved in them by the commitment he has towards our culture, history, and the love he professes to this city. I am convinced that you will more than meet the expectations of the alcalareños and alcalareñas”.

The San Juan area, next to the Riberas del Guadaíra Natural Monument, is getting ready to welcome thousands of alcalareñas, alcalareños and visitors. When at midnight on Wednesday the mayor of the city opens the traditional piece of bread and activate the mechanism of the lighting, more than 100,000 lamps will give light and color to the Fair of Alcalá de Guadaíra in its 2024 edition.

The San Juan site houses a total of 78 booths, including security and service booths, and around 90 booths, kiosks or tombolas distributed in an area of more than 70,000 square meters. It also has the traditional horse parade until 20:00 pm, and special sanitary, security and cleaning devices both day and night.