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Oromana Route


The starting point will be the Hotel Oromana. From here, we will head toward the children's playground. Next to it we will find the road of get down to the river, where we will take the first entrance to the right, going downstairs.

Our first stop will be the Benarosa Mill that is in the right bank of the river. Further on and at the same side there is the San Juan Mill.

Going back to the left bank we will get to the Oromana Mill that is close to a natural fountain, at present turned into viewpoint.

Keeping straight ahead by the left bank of the river and leaving behind the footbridge we get to the Algarrobo Mill, from which we see, right opposite of us, the remains of the La Caja Mill.

The road bifurcates, one path goes up and the other one goes straight ahead. If we go up, we arrive to the San Roque Hermitage.

We go back on our track and continue ahead on getting to La Tapada Mill coming into the zone known as El Bosque (The Forest). If we keep ahead we will get to [King] Carlos III Bridge.

If we go across it and turn to the right we find the San Francisco Park, where we can enjoy in a leisure place the well-deserved rest after having finished our route.

What do I need to know?
Parking Next to the Hotel Oromana
Bus A Line of Urban Buses. Stop: Av Portugal.
Nearest Café Hotel Oromana
Description of the route on foot Av Portugal, up towards Hotel Oromana

Point N 1: Hotel Oromana

The Hotel Oromana is a building of Regionalist style, built by Sevillian architect Juan de Talavera by the end of the 1920s, because of the Latin-American Exposition of Seville. His architecture reminds us the typical haciendas or Andalusian cortijos (country estates with houses). From this spot on we can have beautiful panoramic views of the River Guadaíra and the mills on its banks.

Point N 2: Benarosa Mill

Benarosa Mill is placed in the Oromana Park, on the right bank of the River Guadaíra. Its name is of Islamic origin (Banu Arusa) and corresponds to the name of the family that had it when the town was conquered by Christian troops in the 13th century.

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Point N 3: San Juan Mill

San Juan Mill is placed also on the right bank of the River, a few metres away from Benarosa Mill of. Its name is due to its former belonging to the Military Order of Saint John from Tocina, being the Mill granted to them after the conquest of Alcalá as a payment for its participation in the fight against the Moors.

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Point N 4: Oromana Mill

It is in the right bank of the River, at the intermediate stretch between the Benarosa and San Juan Mills. It was built around the 17th century and at present is fit out as viewpoint.

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Point N 5: Algarrobo Mill

It is on the left bank of the Guadaíra's course. The first documented references appear in the 15th century when its property is registered on Sevillian monastery of San Jerónimo de Buenavista's behalf.

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Point N 6: San Roque (St. Rocco's) Hermitage

San Roque's hermitage is located on the hill of Oromana pine forest, on the popularly known as El Calvario (The Calvary). The hermitage dates back from the 16th century and receives San Roque's name.

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Point N 7: La Tapada (The Veiled Woman's) Mill

La Tapada Mill is on the left bank of the river, near [King] Carlos III Bridge and the historic quarters of the town. It is one of the most singular examples of miller architecture from Alcalá.

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Point N 8: The Forest

The zone known as The Forest is between the Algarrobo Mill and La Tapada Mill. Some time ago, it has a difficult access but it has been reformed recently and it can be visited and you can enjoy the surroundings.

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Point N 9: King Carlos III Bridge

King Carlos III Bridge is a Roman bridge of stone that has undergone several transformations throughout History. It is in the urban area of Alcalá where Dos Hermanas and Utrera's roads converge.

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Point N 10: San Francisco (Saint Francis') Park

San Francisco (Saint Francis') Park is in the right bank of the river. It has been reconstructed recently. It is a good option to end the route and rest peacefully in a natural space of great beauty.

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  • Zone: Urban
  • Type: Green
  • Length: 2Km
  • Difficulty: Low
  • It can be made: On Foot or Bike
  • Lasting: 1 hour on foot

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