Turismo de Alcalá de Guadaíra

Marchenilla Route


Our route begins at San Francisco Park. We will cross it completely until reaching San Juan Park where we will be able to see the mills of San Juan and Benarosa.

If we have gone up to the Benarosa mill we should move back and get out of San Juan Park to get to the fairground, and so reaching the Cercadillos track that will take us to the Aceña Mill.

If we go ahead by the same track that joins up with the Marchenilla one, we will find our last stop, Marchenilla's Castle.

What do I need to know?
Parking Parking of the Rotonda del Pan, San Francisco Street
Bus Stop Line C urban buses. Tren de los Panaderos Ave.
Nearest Café La Centenaria C/ Ntra. Sra. del Águila (C/La Mina)
Description of the route on foot Tren de los Panaderos Ave., San Francisco Park.

Point N 1: San Francisco (Saint Francis') Park

San Francisco (Saint Francis') Park is in the right bank of the river. It has been reconstructed recently. It is a good option to end the route and rest peacefully in a natural space of great beauty.

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Point N 2: San Juan Park

The park of San Juan is, as San Francisco's, at the right bank of the river. From this point we will have some spectacular views of the surroundings of the Guadaíra sprinkled by mills as the ones of San Juan or Benarosa.

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Point N 3: Aceña Mill

This mill is in the right bank of the river Guadaíra. Its name (aceña, watermill) is a generic one and there is no other historic reference that indicated us where does the name come from. It has an interesting architecture than although resembling that of the mills of the Guadaíra banks, is a bit special.

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Point N 4: Marchenilla Castle

Marchenilla's Castle is located in the district of Alcalá, on a little hill, close of the road between Seville and Morón. The building construction was carried out along several periods and around it some archaeological remains have been found; they indicate us that there has been continuity in the occupation of the territory throughout History.

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  • Zone: Guadaíra and the Alcores Escarpment
  • Type: Green
  • Length: 3,5Km
  • Difficulty: Medium-Low
  • It can be made: On Foot or Bike
  • Lasting: 1 hour on foot

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