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Where to eat?


You will not have known totally our town until you had tasted the only flavours it has got to offer you. The first one , its bread's, which has made the town famous all over the world; either in one or another of its many varies shapes and elaborations, it is a piece of art. Also, you cannot miss our delicious sweets and cakes. Local confectioneries compete fairly among them in order to make the best products. And our stews, succulent and convincing, will make you very keen on them.

Our establishments offer is wide and increasing. It suits all tastes: There are those that are consolidated institutions in the town that have even historic character and there are other ones that have already renewed their gastronomic offer. There are café-bars laden of aging and tastes and first level restaurants with an admirable cooking.

Avda. Antonio Mairena, 56
Tfno: 657 499 644
C/ Gutiérrez de Alba, 32

Email: fbazantorres@yahoo.es
C/ Mairena, 67
Tfno: 955685112
C/La Plazuela,20
Tfno: 954 91 42 16
Email: alboroniamanjaresalcala@hotmail.com
Avda. Mar Mediterráneo,23

Email: lostaraosctalcala@gmail.com
C/ Madueño de los Aires, 34
Tfno: 606 300 285
C/Madueño de los Aires Nº 12

Web: www.facebook.com/marujalimonalcala/
C/Blanca de los Ríos nº 3 local 2
Tfno: 648260834
Email: josecamposmartin2@hotmail.com
Web: www.josecamposmartin.com/2022/02/evm_26.html
C/Polysol Uno,24

C/Pino Real,1A

Avda. Santa Lucía,53 y C/Cuzco,7
Tfno: 955 544 003
Web: www.lamardegambas.com
C/Malta nº3
Tfno: 955 22 26 43
Web: www.facebook.com/taperialaalacena

Carretera Sevilla-Utrera, km 10
Tfno: 955 669 602
Web: www.encasatomas.com
C/ Rafael Beca, 14

Plaza del Cabildo, 1
Tfno: 955686088
Email: barplacita@hotmail.com
Web: barplacita.blogspot.com
c/ Sor Emilia, 1
Tfno: 636218290
C/General Prim,28

C/Poeta Fernando de los Ríos,1
Tfno: 955 11 89 49
Avda.Santa Lucia,58
Tfno: 630 16 91 09
C/ Duquesa de Talavera, 87
Tfno: 955699702
Email: contacto@bodegonelliebre.com
Barrio El Cercado
Tfno: 954 100 597
Avda. Tren de los Panaderos,4

C/ Ntra. Sra. del Águila, 15
Tfno: 955680832
Avda. de la Constitución,

Web: www.facebook.com/ellaurebartapas
C/ Silos, 21
Tfno: 677434006
Email: lacuestecilla@gmail.com
Avda. Portugal, s/n
Tfno: 955 686 400
Email: info@tavoletta.es
Web: www.tavoletta.es
C/ Zacatín, 136
Tfno: 955 685 669
Email: ventalosponys@hotmail.com
Web: www.ventalosponys.com
Avda. Santa Lucía, 61
Tfno: 954 04 73 80
Email: lahaciendamexicana@hotmail.com
Avenida 28 febrero 90, nuevo nº38
Tfno: 600 86 99 72
Email: lamasiadealcala@gmail.com
Web: https://la-masia-restaurant.negocio.site/
C/ Pescadería,3
Tfno: 649582427
Email: esegongo@gmail.com
Web: www.gastrogon.com
C/ Silos, 39
(locales bajos del Hotel Sandra)
Tfno: 955680691
Web: www.elrincondebernardo.es
A-8031. Ctra. Dos Hermanas-Utrera, km. 2,7
Tfno: 954 739 342
Email: reservas@asadorlaperdida.com
Web: www.asadorlaperdida.com
Avda. Principe de Asturias,88

Plaza del Perejil, 9

C/ General Prim, 26
Tfno: 955 613 453
Web: www.weekendsfood.es
C/ Cuzco, 3. Campo de las Beatas
Tfno: 955688730
Email: info@azusal.com
Plaza de los Molinos, 4
Tfno: 722670293
Email: vacasflacas70@gmail.com
Web: www.facebook.com/VacasFlacasAlcala
C/ Bailén, 44
Tfno: 955683191
Plaza de la Zarzuela, s/n
Tfno: 955684663
Email: hotelsandra@gmail.com
Web: www.hotelsandra.net
C/ Montecarmelo, 8
Tfno: 955 614 487
Email: info@casaramos.es
Web: www.casaramos.es
C/Pepe Luces Esquina General Prim s/n
Tfno: 682 49 73 87
Email: jacintogil@conecta6.com
Web: www.facebook.com/malaspulgascafetapas
Avda. 28 de Febrero, s/n
Tfno: 955 612 800
Web: www.pomodoropizza.es/pomodoro-alcala-de-guadaira
Pino Marítimo, 20
Tfno: 606 933 458
C/ San Fernando nº 42 (Junto al Arco de San Miguel)
Tfno: 627 699 463
Web: es-es.facebook.com/TabernaAnita/
Calle Bernal Diaz del Castillo 31
Tfno: 955686990
Email: info@bodegaaroche.com
Web: www.bodegaaroche.com
C/Mar Rojo,3
Tfno: 955 61 20 71
Web: www.facebook.com/asuncuatrovientos/
C/ Profesora Francisca Laguna, 6
Tfno: 955334892
Email: barlacochera@hotmail.com
La Plazuela, 1B
Tfno: 617 44 04 32
Web: www.caprichosdelchef.com
C/ Triana, 8
Tfno: 955682344
Email: eloydelaprida@churrasco2.com

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La Retama Route

Discover in this itinerary Alcalá de Guadaíra's image crowned by its Castillo and San Miguel's quarter at its foot.

Oromana Route

This walk will lead us to meet the rich natural environment and one of the most characteristic elements of Alcalá de Guadaíra.
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