Thousands of people took to the Natural Monument to enjoy sports and raise environmental awareness

The Sports in Nature Day and the Environmental Awareness Day attracted an audience of all ages to the site under the Dragon Bridge.

Thousands of people from Alcalá, Seville capital and other nearby towns took this past Sunday the Natural Monument Riberas del Guadaíra to enjoy the Day of Sport in Nature and the Days of Awareness of the Environment.

Young and old enjoyed the many activities proposed from early in the morning until late in the afternoon in a privileged natural area with great potential to host many alternatives for sports and multi-adventure, while learning about environmental care and biodiversity.

The meeting, organized by the delegations of Sports and Natural Monument, Environment and Sustainability, has had a strong family character and has had sports modalities such as rockodrome, Tibetan bridge, zip line, paintball, inflatable circuit, kayaks, among others. The workshops remained active until they ended at 2:00 p.m., with a high level of participation and always subject to safety measures and care provided by expert monitors, always in a musical and festive atmosphere.

At the same time, the environment of the Dragon Bridge hosted the Environmental Awareness Days in which the City Council, together with the municipal public company AIRA Environmental Management and Emasesa developed training workshops on recycling and energy saving and natural resources. Also collaborating in these activities were entities that work with people with disabilities such as Prolaya-Los Pinares and Paz y Bien, both of which have a long history of environmental awareness.

Given the success of participation in this new edition, the mayor, Ana Isabel Jimenez, values positively both the promotion of sport for all ages, healthy lifestyle and as a means of socialization. “We show, on the one hand, a unique space in the province, which invites coexistence and the practice of sports and leisure activities in contact with nature. It is an alcalareño resource that is increasingly becoming an economic engine for the visits received by the municipality. On the other hand, in environmental matters, we value the collective conscience of loving and protecting our Natural Monument for its conservation”.