The Museum recalls a youth cultural movement at the end of the 20th century.

A literary-musical act opened last night the exhibition ‘Poemar. La vida la filo del verso, 1982-1998’ (Poemar. Life on the edge of the verse, 1982-1998), which brings together the history of the literary magazine and the cultural events promoted by students grouped as an association.

Poems, photos, publications, illustrations, posters…. materials that revive a literary history, that of the magazine ‘Poemar’, which emerged from the hands of young people who studied at the old high school Cristóbal de Monroy (now IES) and was maintained after this stage as a cultural group for many years in the late twentieth century. A cultural movement that the Museum of Alcalá brings to the present day through the exhibition ‘Poemar. La vida la filo del verso, 1982-1998’.

During the eighties of the twentieth century there was an important launching of literary magazines throughout Spain, and in Alcalá de Guadaíra, by a group of students with cultural concerns, the Cuaderno de poesía Poemar was born, whose first issue appeared in 1982 and eight issues were published. Beyond the publication of the magazine itself, Poemar, which was constituted as a Cultural Association, gave an organizational impulse to a whole series of literary and musical events, in very diverse spaces, and with the participation of many creators of different expressions until 1998.

“With this exhibition we want to chronicle this beautiful initiative, and with the inaugural act to relive the emotion of a way of understanding poetry and artistic expressions in general.” This has been expressed by the delegate of Culture, Heritage and Museums, Christopher Rivas, who explained that the union of the arts and the importance of culture for a community. “Poetry is inherent to artistic disciplines, it is linked to photography, theater, cinema, painting, music…. We must support culture because a people without culture is a people without memory and without identity. Also thank those who strive and participate in these areas, for example, our protagonists today, a group of young idealistic, romantic alcalareños, who continue to contribute to our city and our Museum, promoter and custodian of culture in Alcalá.”

All the poets who initiated this project participated in the inauguration: Lauro Gandul, Óscar Vitaller, Martín Moreno, José Antonio Francés, Juan Luis Martín and Juan Enrique Espinosa, and the main illustrators: Paco Nieto and Luis Caro. They were also supported by the educational community of the same institute, past and present, and other educational centers. It was an emotional day in which texts were read by some other authors who participated in the different issues and who have already passed away, such as professors Antonio Medina de Haro or Alberto Fernández Bañuls, and the talent of musicians Nacho Gil and Álvaro Gandul was enjoyed, mentioning the gratitude to other people who participated in this history, such as Guillermo Bermudo, Paulino García Donas, or Imprenta Aquiles.

The exhibition will remain open until April 28th at the Museo de la Ciudad.

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