The exhibition ‘The forms of the landscape. From the forest to the riverbank, by José Manuel Pérez Tapias, arrives at the Museum of Alcalá de Guadaíra not only to offer the opportunity to enjoy the brush of this author, but as the opportunity to enhance in the same enclave the hallmark of identity for the city are the fine arts linked to landscape painting, joining this sample on the top floor to the visions of the landscape of authors of the nineteenth and twentieth century ‘Landscape Time’, on the first floor.

The delegate of Culture, Heritage and Museums, Christopher Rivas, inaugurated the exhibition this Thursday accompanied by Charo Ramos, from the area of Culture of the Diputación de Sevilla, the entity promoting the exhibition, with the presence of the artist himself for the presentation of the book of the same name, No. IV of the collection Cuadernos del Paseante y el Viajero (Notebooks of the Stroller and the Traveler).

Rivas explained that “this exhibition and this book are closely related to some of the exhibitions and activities that have been happening in this Museum in recent weeks. Visitors to our Museum can enjoy two related exhibitions, exposing with both exhibitions a very important identity content of Alcalá, and allowing us to connect Perez Tapias with another beloved artist in our city, as Emilio Sanchez-Perrier. Thus we have a Museum full of synergies and connections between exhibitions, a house full of identity and culture of Alcalá and Andalusia”.

In this sense, he thanked the author for a book that “opens to the public the creative process of the artist to better understand the paintings and immerse ourselves more deeply in the works, opening a door to his intimacy as an artist”.

The exhibition consists of 84 drawings and paintings, literally extracted from his sketchbooks (between 2010 and 2023) in his numerous excursions and trips, works in which Alcalá de Guadaíra appears, and many other locations in the province, Andalusia and some other countries.

The exhibition can be visited until January 20 during the museum’s regular hours (closed on Monday afternoons).


José Manuel Pérez Tapias was born in Seville in 1961. After having contact with drawing and painting from a very young age, he entered the School of Arts and Crafts in 1978, where he did preparatory studies. He later entered the Faculty of Fine Arts in Seville, graduating in 1985. In 1981 he set up his first studio in a small attic in Betis Street, in the Triana neighborhood. In the same house he will also have the painter Luis Fernández Salgas, with whom he will maintain a close friendship. Here he produced works inspired at first in “Fauvism” and “German expressionism”, cultivating the figure, portrait and landscape mainly, giving importance to color and texture. His work has been awarded numerous prizes, acquisitions and scholarships.

José Manuel Pérez Tapias