Tegulae from the Roman period ss. III-V

Along with urban settlements such as Gandul or periurban enclaves such as Las Majadillas, the territory of Alcalá also presents rural locations linked to the agricultural exploitation of the territory and singular spaces of transit or supply. This is the case of Santa Lucía, a site excavated in 2006, where a settlement of High-Imperial origin (1st/2nd century) was documented, which probably lasted until the beginning of the Andalusian period (10th century). Along with industrial and storage spaces, there is documentation of an extensive necropolis dated between the 2nd and 3rd centuries. III/ V, in which evidence of primitive Christianity appeared. Numerous types of burials have been documented in Santa Lucía, the most frequent being the pit covered with gabled tegulas.

Found in the burial area of Santa Lucia.