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Visiting Alcalá


Visiting Alcalá is a unique experience and has more incentives than other localities. The offer made by Alcalá to those who decide to know it is quite varied and is not limited to a few characteristics. Several elements are combined here to offer a wide range of options that will allow you to spend some unforgettable days.

Discover our town: come and visit it, know it, buy here, live here...

There are many other towns and villages with important cultural and artistic heritages; Alcalá has also some elements from a wide time range and an interesting group of styles. But people who visit Alcalá will also find a unique environmental heritage, being at the same time close and accessible. We are talking about the River Guadaíra's banks, where a riparian forest survives as a natural extraordinary gem. In order to make this touristic offer complete, it would be unusual that your visit to our town did not coincide with some ludic event. It can be a popular festival, also an international event or the celebration of some collectives. All this has the added incentive of the Gastronomy, which cannot be missed.

The central theme to understand the rich history of the town and to enjoy its main attractiveness is the River Guadaíra. The route along the stretch that goes across the town and its immediate outskirts accumulates a high number of elements worthy of being known. There are the flour mills that gave fame to the town and birth to the bakery industry, located on spots of extreme beauty, looking at themselves on the water. They are singular buildings that give shape to a mixed constructive type of hydraulic engineering and proto-industrial building, very unusual in other places. There are more than 20; many of them have been restored recently. The older ones date back to the Moorish period and some of them have been in use even during the second half of the last century.

Discover our town: come and visit it, know it, buy here, live here...

We can also find by the River the Roman Bridge or the modern Dragon Bridge. And on the hills there is more History: the Castle, with the Águila Sanctuary, San Roque's Hermitage or the beautiful and picturesque Oromana Hotel. All of them are connected by a network of roads that can be easily covered, among lush vegetation.

There are more places to know in the urban area, Santiago (St. James') and San Sebastián (St. Sebastian's) Churches, Santa Clara (St. Clare's) Convent, former Hospital of St. John's Order, nowadays the Town Hall, the Public Granary House (Casa del Pósito) or the interesting architectonical legacy of regionalist style from the first third of the 20th century.

All of it is always at the visitors' reach. But if you also come during come of our town's festivals, you will enjoy the experience more. Our calendar oozes life. In January, we have the Epiphany Parades. February is the Carnival month. Between March and April we have the Holy Week. May is full with processions; the Trade Fair is held and finally we end with the Feria coming into June. July is a month of summer festivals being held in the Castle. August is Virgen del Águila's (Our Lady the Virgin of the Eagle, patroness of Alcalá) month. September is patron San Mateo's (St. Mathew). October and November come laden with cultural events. And the Christmas season in December is full of activities and the music from the campanilleros' (bell players) choirs.

They are not the only activities. Along the year there are also cultural seasons, large sport events or gatherings of several disciplines' lovers.

Discover our town: come and visit it, know it, buy here, live here...

In order to receive its visitors, the town puts at their disposal a wide, varied and growing hotel offer. Alcalá's accommodation places include one of the most luxurious hotels of Spain, and also establishments full of charm or some others to be highlighted because of their functionality. The present increasing demand has promoted the start of several projects to create new hotels.

Discover our town: come and visit it, know it, buy here, live here...

All of it makes Alcalá a good destiny for a wide number of alternatives. You can alternate the working visit with leisure moments and also with the possibility of knowing new attractions, also to rest for some days in a relaxing environment or to use Alcalá like as headquarters know the surrounding localities.

Alcalá has always been a town of welcoming and destiny where you can look for a calmed space for Seville's neighbours. Many of them used to spend their summer holidays in Alcalá, attracted by its weather's mildness and the beauty of its landscapes.

Besides part of its idiosyncrasy, tourism is one of the keys Alcalá's future. A great part of the locality planning has been developed based on it, creating infrastructures that add incentives to visitors and, at the same time increasing the level of services and leisure possibilities of Alcalá and the metropolitan area's citizenry.

How can you arrive?

Choose the way you find easier or more comfortable to get to our town: plane, train, bus, tram, car...

What is the weather like?

Before coming to Alcalá you can have a look at the weather forecast, it will help you to program your visit according it.
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