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Investing in Alcalá


Alcalá is eminently an industrial city. Its economic reality is configured by a framework of companies that make an important contribution to Andalusian economy. There are more than 3,000 companies in its industrial zones, plus 2,000 in the urban area; their number has an increasing tendency along the years and will raise in the future because of the important entrepreneurial projects drawn under the locality horizon.

50,000 people work at the industrial parks of Alcalá and the town produces 40 percent of the province's Industrial Gross Domestic Product and 9 percent of Andalusia's. Here is a figure that can give an idea of the industrial volume of the locality, the consumption of electric power for industrial use of Alcalá doubles to the sum of Seville and Dos Hermanas' altogether.

Andalusia's Industrial Reserve

Alcalá industry shows important peculiarities regarding those of its environment. Opposite to predominance of small and medium sized companies at other localities, in Alcalá the existence of big companies is observed, alternating with small and medium sized ones; this configures a very varied entrepreneurial reality affecting a wide number of sectors. Geographic location of its companies is focused on the axis of the A92 Highway grouped in polygons, where along the last years its resources and the urban development level have been improved considerably.

Alcalá is one point of attraction for companies and during the last years the number of investors and entrepreneurs who chose Alcalá as a place to develop their projects has increased. Besides the resources level and the possibility of counting on several supplier companies in the neighbourhood, the local Government develops politics aimed to make the companies working easier and the municipality more attractive to investors.

Innovation Complex (Complejo de Innovación)

This set of services is articulated through Ideal Complex (The name stands for Spanish Innovación y Desarrollo Alcalá, Innovation and Development of Alcalá), which makes possible that companies counted on services otherwise inaccessible for them due to their high cost. It is the case of the use of virtual reality for Design, access to technical specialized advising, training, use of exhibition areas or information and management of subventions. It is a centre that has become an authentic generator of companies that adds active policies of entrepreneurial promotion to its services as, for instance, the Entrepreneurial Projects Contest or the Entrepreneurs Club.

Andalusia's Industrial Reserve

The economic project of the town will live a new expansive stage in the years to come with the priority objective to insist on the development of emerging economic sectors and of those with wide contents in R&D. During the last years a process of economic diversification that has increased the tertiary sector weight has taken place. On this side, commercial and leisure projects that take care of a regional request have been developed.

New projects

Andalusia's Industrial Reserve

Alcalá's bet aspires to create 2,400 new companies in the next four years. This would suppose the creation of 35,000 new direct jobs. In order to achieve this ambitious objective, the local government is preparing several soil development projects. It is, as a whole, the biggest land reserve of the municipality's history. A total amount of eleven million square meters appears drawn in the advancement of the General Urban Development Plan as aimed for industry, more than what is aimed for residential development.

The two more relevant projects are the Tecnópolis that is intended to be developed jointly with the UPO (Pablo de Olavide University) and Seville's Town Council, as well as one Logistic Park with a clear vocation to be a key economic centre for Southern Europe. Both projects would be placed on nearly 800 hectares of land.

The Tecnópolis will have 550 hectares of Alcalá's soil, added up to the soil contributed by the UPO and Seville's Town Council, but even then, the highest part of the project will be located within Alcalá's municipal district. Comparatively, it is about four times Cartuja's area. The project aspires to see the technological request of Sevillian industry and to do so, in this area entrepreneurial, industrial, university, training, experimental and researching activities will alternate. All this will be carried out with a high degree regarding innovation subject.

The second great bet is the Logistic Park. Alcalá's Town Council considers that it will cover one of the biggest shortages of Sevillian economic frame. It aspires to become the logistic centre of economic activities linked to productive, industrial uses and to transportation, storage, classification and exhibition of merchandise. It will occupy approximately 300 hectares and its situation next to a train branch line will make of it the only inland point of Andalusia where great volume merchandise can get to destination without stepping on the road.

Andalusia's Industrial Reserve

But besides these two big developing actions, the creation of new industrial areas will keep on in the years to come, following the tendency of development for this kind of soil, which has taken to almost the total filling of both sides of A92 highway, between Seville and Alcalá. It is being considered as development area the one that will be left between the present-day highway and its planned turnoff towards the north.

At the present moment more than three million square meters of industrial soil are being developed simultaneously with six industrial areas of new or immediate creation, as Espaldillas, Cementera, Cristalera, Cabeza Hermosa Parque Guadaíra and Palillos. Most of them are placed in the whereabouts of the present highway Malaga-Seville.


Andalusia's Industrial Reserve

Alcalá's Commerce is also in a booming stage. Most of it is placed in the historical quarter where the project Open Commercial Centre (Centro Comercial Abierto) is being held; it brings along the development of promotional actions at the town's traditional shops. The shopkeepers carry out several activities in order to turn shopping into an amusing experience along the whole year. Next to this zone, new commercial spaces grow on growing areas such as Santa Lucía Avenue, Nueva Alcalá or Silos Street.

The town commercial offer allows acquiring any kind of products and even getting some of them at a lower price and of higher quality than at the surrounding areas. A commercial walk through the streets of the locality constitutes another one of the incentives of the visit to Alcalá. The visitor will find next to stores laden with decades of tradition, other ones that follow the most modern tendencies of fashion & design, offering innovative and surprising products.

You will also be able to attend the new market (Spanish Mercado de Abastos, a market where fresh food is sold) that will be soon inaugurated in a new location, with the same quality of nutritive products within a new environment, recovering at the same time an old building of historic legacy interest, and this way allowing the increase of the market offer.

Accessibility to commercial areas is another advantage of shopping in Alcalá. Next to the old quarter several parking bays have been placed, making this way easier going to shops and enjoying a walk among them.

Interesting Spots

There are places that you cannot forget to visit at our town. Go into them, know them and you will always take them in your memory.

Gastronomic Guide

Alcalá's cuisine has all the ingredients of the Andalusian's and more than a hundred dishes with different ways of elaboration.

Oromana Route

This walk will lead us to meet the rich natural environment and one of the most characteristic elements of Alcalá de Guadaíra.
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