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The picture offered by Alcalá as visiting card is full of an old and evoking beauty. An impressive Castle on a hill with a town spreading at its foot in white houses that reaches the River Guadaíra, the one that provides name and freshness.

You will fall in love with Alcalá. A town to be discovered.

But the closer you move to appreciate its details, the richer this picture is. There are beautiful churches, picturesque hermitages, streets full of flavour, singular festivities, water courses leaking form old albero-sand stones, mills challenging the River and Time, squares carpeted in golden sand and green spaces appearing next to the town.

The picture is moving. Alcalá is a booming town, immersed in a stage of changes encouraged by its peopl's nonconformity. An evident proof of this surprises us as we arrive: a Dragon that greets the visitors and introduces them into the town has been placed to cross the River Guadaíra. It is the only figurative bridge in the world, a bet that shows the vocation for future of our council.

You will fall in love with Alcalá. A town to be discovered.

There are many more illustrations being drawn nowadays and many others to be painted, as projects. They allow us to dream of a town that will live a very important transformation in the following years, with the challenge of making Culture the core of its life and offering its citizens, people from its environment and all those who visit us a wide set of incentives that will arouse their curiosity and stimulate their senses.

That is the reason why knowing Alcalá is to know its past, its history, but also its projects and the way it faces the future, the way it lives its booming present with passion.

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From this section it is possible to visualize our video files where you can appreciate the whole touristic richness of Alcalá de Guadaíra.

Pictures Gallery - The Town

Watching, looking at in Alcalá is filling the retina with photos. Your eyes will take snapshots at every step. Access to our picture gallery.
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