Flamenco shows, music, contemporary dance and storytelling in the neighborhood of the Castle for the Night of San Miguel

The cycle ‘Noctaíra. Nights of Guadaíra’, which has filled this summer Alcalá of concerts, theater, circus, family activities and tourist routes with a great reception among residents and visitors, puts the finishing touch on Saturday September 9 with the traditional Night of San Miguel. This activity celebrates its seventh edition with an irresistible lineup that brings together free proposals for all audiences in disciplines such as flamenco, music, contemporary dance and storytelling. This is a unique opportunity to get to know the neighborhood of San Miguel on a night when culture and art are all over the streets.

Thus, following the spirit of the popular Nights in White, but adapted to the idiosyncrasies alcalareña, the streets and squares of the neighborhood San Miguel-El Castillo host (from 22:00 to 00:00 h) an intense and varied program that includes concerts, contemporary dance, storytelling, theater, photography, Latin dance and, above all, flamenco, “an art strongly rooted in this mythical neighborhood” as highlighted by the delegate of Tourism of the municipality Christopher Rivas at the press conference that, along with representatives of the company Endirecto FT that creates and manages the program, was held today at the Centro San Miguel and also attended by some of the artists participating in the event. As he emphasized, “it is a unique opportunity to enjoy and discover the corners of San Miguel by the hand of artists who will offer unforgettable moments”. In this way flamenco, an art without which the history of this neighborhood and the municipality would not be understood, will be the protagonist of the night with various performances in which you can enjoy dancing, singing, guitar playing and music.


Thus, the terrace of the Centro San Miguel will become the stage first at 22.30 hours with the singer Amparo Lagares, accompanied on guitar by Francis Gomez. The artist, one of the most sought-after voices in flamenco fusion for her sweetness and her fragile quejío, has an extensive career as a soloist, which has led her to perform in the main peñas, festivals and concert halls alongside artists such as Carmen Linares, Falete, María Toledo, Diego Carrasco, Asunción de Martos and Patricia Guerrero.

She will be followed at 11.30 p.m. by the young dancer from the Barrio de San Miguel, Yaiza Trigo, one of the great promises of flamenco, recently awarded third prize in the Concurso Talento Flamenco de Baile Manolo Soler 2023, organized by the Fundación Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco. She will be accompanied by Diego Reyes on guitar, Natalia Marín and Jony Torres on vocals and Eladio Trigo on palms.

Alxaraf, a musical formation formed by the singer Vicente Gelo, the guitarist Tino Van Der Sman and the percussionist David Chupete, will be at the Arco de San Miguel. In two performances at 10 p.m. and 11 p.m., the trio will fuse Sephardic music with flamenco in two subtle and exquisite recitals that will delight listeners. This musical project was born from the need to remember and extol that exquisite Sephardic legacy that was impregnated in our Andalusia, in that golden age of Al-Andalus, where the Three Cultures coexisted in harmony and fraternity.

This edition will also feature the Alcalá theater company Teatro para todos, which will be in charge of street entertainment with their ‘…Host’.The audience will be addressed by a series of characters who will narrate anecdotes related to flamenco in the neighborhood and its best known characters such as Joaquín el de la Paula, La Roezna or Manolito María.

To end the flamenco program, from midnight, the Peña Flamenca El Arrabal (Manolito María square) will host the end of the party with ‘.Between CavesA show performed by teachers of the peña itself and the students of the San Miguel School in which there is room for the most orthodox, but also for the instruments that embellish flamenco. Thus, there will be Antonio Flores on piano, César Herrera on saxophone, Joaquín Barrera on guitar, Álvaro Mejido on percussion, Rocío Ramos on vocals and Marimar la María on dance.

The contemporary dance of the Cía. La Basal, led by Rocío Barriga, will occupy the Plaza del Congreso (two shows at 10.30 p.m. and 11.30 p.m.) with ‘All this is not tradition. Failed manual for a genealogical study‘, a piece in which the dancer takes her body as a living archive from which to encode, invent and transform. Here, the performer and creator from Seville, who was part of Javier Baron’s last show ‘Entre Mujeres’, proposes a map to travel through time with scenes, rituals, numbers and codes that ask questions about their own identity and seeks to give visibility to absent women.

Family audiences will have an appointment at León XIII Street (at 10 p.m. and 11 p.m.) with the Colombian storyteller John Ardila, with “DeAllá, cuentos de aquí y de allá”, stories of oral tradition to share and enjoy in the warmth of the night. Also, those who want to have a good time moving the body to the rhythm of Latin music can attend the batucada that the Group Latidos-Brasil Fusion has prepared in the Parque del Arrabal, in two passes that will take place at 22 and 23 hours. And those who wish to take a souvenir of their passage through this night can go next to the facade of the Center of San Miguel (from 22 hours) to the photocall of the Photographic Association Alcalareña that, once again, collaborates with the event with their fun photos.

With this Night of San Miguel culminates, therefore, this cycle that is consolidated in the cultural and tourist summer offer of the province to become the best showcase of the heritage and tourist resources of the city and an example of citizen collaboration, counting on the involvement of its neighbors, the San Miguel Center, the Photographic Association Alcalareña, the Association Teatro para Todos and the Peña Flamenca El Arrabal.