Ashlars of alcoriza stone with herringbone carving

They are two ashlars of alcoriza stone, measuring 55 x 49 x 37 cm. Both pieces show some erosion, the result of both a possible use for hauling and their incorporation into a rubble fill in contemporary times. It was located during the archaeological campaign carried out in Torre Mocha in 2021. Although the archaeological context is of a secondary nature (filling of the slab of the Torre Mocha antemurium, of contemporary chronology), its morphological and functional characteristics point to an original use in the monumental area of the castle.

In both specimens, the most singular detail is the carving on one of their faces of a rather irregular spiked motif. This motif may be related to the anchoring system of the ashlars in the original structure that housed them, but no other similar examples are known at the site. It could also be a secondary carving, at times of reuse of the pieces, as it is similar to some examples of foundry molds. For the time being, this detail remains unresolved.

Regarding the original chronology of the pieces, their module is similar to that of other ashlars used in the late medieval phase of the fortified enclosure, as in the case of the structures of the Gate of Santa María, adjacent to the Mocha Tower.

Provenance: Cerro del Castillo (Torre Mocha Sector) Chronology: Probably s. XIV (Original)