Alcalá is once again witnessing the filming of a movie in its streets. This time it has been “El cielo de los animales”, the latest film by Santi Amodeo, which has been interested in the city to locate different scenes of the feature film. The filming, which is taking place these days, has been developed in the South District. This filming is in addition to others, such as the movie “El Marqués”, which Alcalá has received since last July.

In this sense, the delegate of Tourism, Christopher Rivas celebrates that the city is being, increasingly, “a point of interest for production companies who want to benefit from the possibilities offered by Alcalá to locate their films, series or commercials for our rich cultural and natural heritage”.

Regarding what it means for the city, Rivas emphasizes that “filming and being on the screens of thousands and thousands of spectators means gaining tourist promotion at zero cost”. His delegation, he says, is already working to solidify and perfect a film office in the city “so that this news becomes part of our city’s daily routine; so that seeing cameras and filming on our streets gets us used to it and makes us proud to see our city wherever there is a screen”.

El cielo de los animales has the participation of Canal Sur and RTVE and is financed by the Junta de Andalucía. The film stars Raúl Arévalo (Tarde para la ira, La isla mínima), Manolo Solo (El buen patrón, Cerrar los ojos), Jesús Carroza (7 vírgenes, Modelo 77), África de la Cruz (Las gentiles, Las cartas perdidas), Paula Díaz (Las gentiles, Mamacruz) and newcomer Claudio Portalo. It is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2024.