Alcalá celebrates its pre-Fair from this weekend with performances for all audiences

During the celebration of the Fair there will be a great variety of shows and artists in the Caseta Municipal, with local groups, dance academies and other artists such as Azúcar Moreno, José Ortega ‘Manzanita’ or the Chirigota del Bizcocho.

Alcalá de Guadaíra is immersed in the preparations for its Fair 2024, which is celebrated from Wednesday 29 with the pescaíto dinner and the lighting of the cover, until Sunday, June 2. In the pre-Fair highlights the organization of a special program of shows that will be added to those that will host the Municipal Caseta during the course of the local festival.

Thus, it has advanced the municipal delegate of Major Festivals, Rocio Bastida, who has presented all the prolegomena and new this year as the pre-fair performances that will fill during this coming weekend the Municipal Caseta shows and performances for all audiences. A preview that will continue the following weekend, on Saturday, May 25 (22:00 h) with the Proclamation of the Fair, in the Municipal Caseta by Alejandro Redondo.

Rocío Bastida, has pointed out the novelties of this year, among which are the fireworks for the inauguration and lighting of the lighting and the presence of more carriages through the streets of Real de San Juan.

One more year, the cleaning services of the enclosure are reinforced by the municipal cleaning company Aira Gestión Ambiental, which expands its reinforcement service during the pre-Fair days with the placement of 20 more containers in the real de San Juan. The organization of traffic, services and schedules will be similar to the previous year.

He also highlighted the success achieved last year and in this edition with the electronic processing for the installation of the booths, thus avoiding the displacement of the caseteros for the delivery of the documentation. There will be 78 booths, and more than thirty mechanical attractions.

The Fair will again this year with two evenings without sound in the street of hell echoing this sensitivity so that people with autism spectrum disorder can enjoy the attractions, specifically on Thursday and Friday from 17.00 to 21.00 hours. Likewise, the “Children’s Day” will be held on Wednesday, May 29, with lower prices for the “cacharritos”.

As for the performances at the Caseta Municipal, local groups, dance academies, humor, and performances by local and other artists such as Azúcar Moreno, José Ortega ‘Manzanita’ and the Chirigota del Bizcocho stand out.


The draw for the P1 passes has already been held. The winners have until May 17 to pay and pick them up.

P2 is located at the end of Avenida Tren de los Panaderos (near CEIP Cercadillos), payable through the application, but with a free shuttle from there to the traffic circle between Arriero and Álamo streets, and with a previous stop at Los Cercadillos. Those who wish to purchase them can pick them up until May 24 at La Harinera from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, and in the evenings from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Vehicles must enter this parking lot through Alcalá del Ebro and Azuda and exit through Alcalá de Ebro or Tren de los Panaderos towards Santa Lucía.

For P3, on Molino de Cajul Street, it is free for residents. Until May 24, all those residents of the area who have to resolve any type of incident can go to the Harinera del Guadaíra in the morning from 11h to 13h, and in the afternoon from 18h to 20h. Also, for motorcycles and mopeds, a specific parking is enabled at the gates of the CEIP Reina Fabiola the same afternoon of Wednesday of the pescaíto, for which you can use all access except emergency routes.

Traffic and utilities

As for the traffic operation, the evacuation routes at the beginning of Tren de los Panaderos and San Juan, and the organization of the 3 parking lots for cars, mentioned above, and the fourth for motorcycles are maintained.

For the safety of casseteros and fairgrounds in the perimeter of the enclosure is repeated fencing and surveillance service by the real. All are given and reminded of the municipal ordinance of the Fair, for better coexistence and greater brilliance of the party, which includes from the closing time of the music in the booths (5 hours in the morning), the maintenance of emergency routes expeditious enclosure itself, the prohibition of pouring water on sidewalks, roadway, etc., along with the general prohibition of hawking by the enclosure or pots of combined alcohol, among other issues that will be monitored by security forces.