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Municipal Tourism Office

The Harinera del Guadaíra is an old flour factory, established in 1934, which at the time was a great industrial revolution due to the novelty of the Austro-Hungarian milling system applied to the factory’s machinery.

The Tourist Office of Alcalá de Guadaíra is located in the same building as the Harinera del Guadaíra.


Where we are

Municipal Tourism Office

Avda. Tren de los Panaderos, s/n
Alcalá de Guadaíra 41500
Seville, Spain

T. (+34) 95 579 64 74
M. (+34) 646 305 570


  • Mornings
    • Monday to Friday: 9h-14h
    • Saturday, Sundays and holidays: 10am-1pm
  • Evenings
    • Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays: 4pm-6pm

July and August: Monday to Friday: 9h- 14h

Tourist Brochures

We leave at your disposal the PDF of the brochures that you will be able to find physically in our office.

Alcalá Castle

An imposing medieval fortress that stands on a steep hill of albero. Source of inspiration for great artists,home ofkings and nobles, land of legends.

Harinera del Guadaíra

Discover the hallmark of the Industrial Heritage of Alcalá de Guadaíra, an architectural jewel that maintains its original machinery from 1934.

Riberas del Guadaíra

The Guadaíra River, as it passes through the urban area of Alcalá, gives rise to a large number of riverside parks along its banks. Some 150 hectares of green areas declared Natural Monument in recognition of their natural and eco-cultural values.

Alcalá Castle Roads

The imposing image of the Castle of Alcalá attracts all eyes, a fundamental element of our history and heritage. But the Cerro del Castillo and the Guadaíra river treasure many paths, many views: architecture, landscape, flamenco…

City map

So you don’t miss a thing

Via Augusta

The Via Augusta is a Jacobean route of Roman origin that links Cadiz with Seville. This section is only a small part of its original extension of more than 1,500 km.
This route, which linked the Pyrenees with the ancient city of Gades, is considered the longest Roman road in Hispania.

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    If you are a tourist services company, or an association whose activity is related to the field of tourism, or schools…, and you need to make use of the Castle, the Mills, or spaces of the Guadaíra Flour Mill, please contact us through the mail and we will advise you.

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    Tourist Office

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    Avda. Tren de los Panaderos, s/n
    Alcalá de Guadaíra 41500

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