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Alcalá, like most of the Andalusian towns, uses the same food products and practices the same type of cuisine: Mediterranean.

Alcalá’s cuisine has all the ingredients of Andalusian cuisine: gazpacho,pescaíto (fried fish), cocido con pringá, sopeao, tomato soups, spinach, rice with partridge, migas and more than a hundred dishes with different ways of elaboration.

Within the alcalareña way of cooking, we can find some dishes or products with a special touch.

Alcalá de los Panaderos

Alcalá has always been called Alcalá de los Panaderos.

For several centuries, Alcalá supplied Seville with thousands of kilos of bread that was carried by mules and later by train to be delivered to the different homes or sold in the stalls or food markets. Its history is supported by the innumerable flour mills located on the banks of the Guadaíra where wheat was milled by the millers to later make bread. Bread manufactured in various shapes and sizes. Bollos, teleras, roscos and regañás, molletes, picaítos, cuarterones, medias de canto, medias bobas, medias acarrilladas….… in more than fifty bakeries.

Many of these pieces can be considered as specific to Alcalá, forming a hallmark of their own identity.

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Enjoy an in-depth tour through the history and flavors of Alcalá de los Panaderos: water, flour, mills, ovens…

Alcalá tastes like

Tortas de Alcalá

For an alcalareño, his cakes are a source of pride, a calling card and one of the pleasures that often accompany him. They are only produced in Alcalá, where its confectioners, a guild with a long tradition in the town, have shaped a unique sweet unlike any other. And it can only be handcrafted throughout the entire production process. So much so that the collective brand Tortas de Alcalá has been created with the aim of protecting the quality of the product so that the consumer has a reference on its traditional production and will give a guarantee of authenticity.


Special attention should be paid to the variety of sweets made in our city and to the fact that here we can boast of local varieties and products. In addition to the aforementioned “Tortas de Alcalá”, we must mention the famous bizcotelas rellenas(stuffed sponge cakes). Two gastronomic delights known in many parts of Spain and abroad and consumed by all kinds of people and personalities.

Tocinos de cielo, mantecados de Viena, signos, roscos de cidra y de huevo, meringues, medias lunas, de crema… up to hundreds of varieties of pastries, are part of our confectionery, made by famous pastry shops in Alcalá de Guadaira with artisan and professional hands. Special mention should be made of the pastries made by the nuns of the convent of Santa Clara: sighs, hearts, small bites…


Alcala has bars, cafes and small taverns where you can taste from magnificent snails, to meats, fish and sausages. Whether in the form of portions and half portions, or as simple tapas, they are always prepared with imagination and quality.

Alcalá also has famous restaurants that offer dishes based on traditional cuisine with modern and innovative touches of nouvelle cuisine.

Always with two characteristics: Andalusian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Alcalá tastes like

Other local products

In recent years, numerous entrepreneurs from Alcalá de Guadaíra are producing products with the seal of Alcalá de Guadaíra, which are becoming part of the gastronomic culture of Alcalá de Guadaíra. Clear examples of this are:

Ligaíto de Baltanás

This alcoholic beverage is made with a mixture of dry anise and sweet anise. A unique blend of flavor that makes it one of the most popular drinks in Alcalá de Guadaira.

Florum Vermouth

Winery specialized in the elaboration of vermouth and aromatized wines, through an artisan process, taking the utmost care in the selection of raw materials to result in high quality products.

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