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The city of Alcalá offers an ancient and evocative beauty.

An imposing castle on a high hill and at its feet a city that is scattered in white houses until reaching the Guadaíra River that gives it its name and freshness.

There are beautiful churches, picturesque chapels, streets full of flavor, ancient corners, unique festivals, watercourses that drip from the old albero stones, mills that defy the river and time, squares carpeted with golden earth and green spaces close to the city.

Alcalá is a thriving city and is immersed in a period of change that encourages the nonconformism of its people.

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Alcalá is located about 12 kilometers from Seville. Due to its proximity to the capital, Alcalá is easily connected to the San Pablo International Airport through the SE-40 highway.

The Santa Justa train station links the city with Madrid, Barcelona and the other major capitals of Spain through the AVE high-speed train
Spain through the AVE high-speed train.

Discover Alcalá de Guadaíra

To know Alcalá is to know its past, its history, but also its projects and the way it faces the future, with which it lives with passion, its thriving present.

Our history

Alcalá has accumulated history continuously since the Chalcolithic period (3,000 B.C.), when our land was occupied with the first settlements in the area of

Through our municipality passed the settlers of the prehistoric agricultural societies, the Phoenicians, Iberians, Romans, Visigoths, Andalusians and Castilians, being in 1280 when the town of Alcalá was founded by King Alfonso X.

Over the centuries, the city expanded thanks to the strength of agriculture and livestock farming,
the bread industry
and railroad communications.

Our Holidays

The holiday calendar leaves no respite. They take place throughout the year, marking the rhythm of the social life of the municipality and shaping an exercise of vitality typical of a community full of societal concerns.

The traditional festivities begin in January with the the Three Wise Men parades; in February, the Carnival; March and April host the
Holy Week
May is the month of El Rocío, and of the processions of Gloria; between May and June the Feria de
the Fair
August is the month of the Patron Saint, the Virgen del Águila; September is the month of the Patron Saint, San Mateo, who has a pilgrimage and procession. The year will close in December with the celebration of the Christmas holidays.

In all these activities you will find unique notes that differentiate them from their surroundings and give them a peculiar idiosyncrasy.

Our gastronomy

Alcala, like most of the Andalusian villages and especially in the province of Seville, uses the same food products and exercises the same type of cuisine: Mediterranean.

Alcalá has always been called Alcalá de los Panaderos. For several centuries, Alcalá supplied Seville with thousands of kilos of bread that was carried by mules and later by train to be delivered to the different homes or sold in the stalls or food markets.

Our culture

The city has a number of very interesting spaces for culture. In its halls the offer of exhibitions is varied and changing, so that there will always be some new incentive for the visit. The exhibition program is particularly noteworthy for the painting exhibitions and especially for the landscape exhibition, which has a long tradition in the locality due to the imprint of romantic landscape painting.

Flamenco in Alcalá is ‘la soleá‘, that emerged from the streets and caves of the neighborhood of San Miguel, del Castillo. If you come to Alcalá de Guadaíra you will discover a place of singular and unknown beauty, you will walk the streets that saw the birth of this unique art.

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